Sophia and Michael help shoot Jimmy Eat World “555” music video

We had the great pleasure of working with directors Michael Gill and Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins to bring to life Jim's Overseer KLARRG and his minions (portrayed by Mr. Mark Jude Sullivan). 

We handled lights and camera. Make-up artist Renae Goodhew brought KLARRG and his minions physical manifestation.

From the band:

“I’ve always liked the Rick Springfield video for ‘Bop ‘Till You Drop’. A reptilian overlord managing his minions gets overthrown by his workforce.” Adkins says when speaking of “555”.

“He’s kind of trying to keep them in line, but one guy breaks into song and mass rebellion ensues. From the overlord’s perspective, that day was a pretty bad day. I always thought that was funny. So ‘555’ sees me cast as a galactic evil master, overseeing an army of cloned species doing my bidding – this is the only life they know, joining me in song in this post-apocalyptic dystopia.”

Michael Gill also notes thanks to:
Steve Javors on random grip duties (Steve also took some great bts photographs which should see the light of day sometime soon).

Special thanks to those who helped us in our search for various galactic items: J.C. ReifenbergKat SheridanRussell Wayne Groves. Oh and thanks Reid Nicewonder for letting us use your place to prep!

I am not sure who the artist is who created this fantastic image based on the video, but we love it, too!

Jimmy Eat World


Jimmy Eat World are celebrating the release of their tenth album with a new video

Jimmy Eat World are celebrating the release of their tenth album with a new video. 'Surviving' arrives today, alongside an 80s sci-fi-inspired clip for '555' and a handful of UK instores over the next few days: catch them at Birmingham's new HMV Vault tonight, Banquet Records' Pryzm tomorrow (19th) and Metropolis Studios on Sunday (20th).

Jimmy Eat World gain a chorus of clones for sci-fi "555" video

Jimmy Eat World's new album Surviving released everywhere today and the band also dropped a new video for the song "555." It's a bit of a different feel than we're used to from the band and it definitely needs to be seen to be believed.

Happy Jimmy Eat World release day! The guys just shared a new video for their track "555!" | Alt 104.5 | Cole Selleck

Happy Jimmy Eat World release day!! In addition to the band sharing their new album " Surviving" with the world, they've also shared a new music video! Today sees the release of a video for new track " 555," and it's...interesting! The video definitely matches the song, which gives us a bit of a different sound from the band.

Jimmy Eat World Show Grit on New Album: Listen, and Watch the Video

Jimmy Eat World released their tenth studio album, 'Surviving,' on October 18. Hear it, and check out the video for '555.'

Jimmy Eat World Releases New Album SURVIVING

To celebrate release day, Jimmy Eat World have unveiled the Jim Adkins and Michael Gill co-directed video for "555" (watch below!). One of the most poignant, soul searching tracks on Surviving, the video provides a wry, fantastical counter-balance to the song's emotional heft, with a strong 80's sci-fi influence.

Jimmy Eat World - 555 (Official Video) | 激ロック ミュージック・ビデオ

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Jimmy Eat World releases insane "555" video alongside new 'Surviving' album

ABC/Randy HolmesJimmy Eat World's new album Surviving is out today, and to celebrate, the band has premiered a truly bonkers

Album Review: Jimmy Eat World's 'Surviving'

By Von Goloka, Rock At Night Manchester, UK Album Review: Jimmy Eat World 'Surviving'-Release date October 18, 2019 Harking from Arizona, long time grafters Jimmy Eat World have maintained a core stability in their line-up for what seems like forever and so it's easy to see why they might have been tempted to entitle their 10th album release, due out on 18th October via The Orchard / RCA Records, "Surviving" but they do themselves an injustice there.

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