Michael appears on Hellbender Media’s The Creative Draw

Welcome to The Creative Draw — a webseries about craft, creativity, and connections.

Each episode features a person (or persons) who are deeply creative, faced with a randomly-drawn question from a deck of cards. Why random? Let’s bypass all the setup and prep and overthinking. We want the first answers that pop into their minds. When that conscious filtering is reduced, the answers are more real, more human, more intimate…

…and that is when we start seeing connections…

In this episode, Michael J. Epstein answers the question:

What’s a good way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

Hellbender Media

UPDATE: The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley won Best Feature Script in competition! Woo-hoo! Hellbender Media is thrilled and very proud to be competing in the screenplay competition at Shriekfest this year, this time with two scripts: The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley and Shock Troops.


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