Sophia is on the Shrimp Night podcast with Bob Rose!

Bob has a blast chatting with his super talented friend, cinematographer, musician, filmmaker, singer and dog mom…Sophia Cacciola! They discuss a plethora of film ideas, Sophia checks IMDB to conform the facts and Bob gets overly giddy when Blanche the dog or Face/Off is mentioned!

Hear me talk him out of Angelina Jolie ever having made an Oscar-worthy film (despite being my fav), hear me try to convince him that John Carpenter’s Vampires was spelled ‘Vampyres’, hear me tell him the 1980s are my second-favorite decade for cinema and then name two films that came out in other decades. Find out what is obviously my favorite decade for movies. Hear about how my brain is mush and I have to have IMDb up at all times.



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