Michael appears in In The Dark (World Premiere Screening Q&A) – The Fears And Nightmares Of Indie Horror Film Makers (trailer out)


Are you ready? To be scared?
Join over twenty indie horror film makers and discover there deepest darkest fears!
From Trash Arts and Vestra Pitctures.
Featuring- Shane Ryan, Katrina Grey, David Black, P.J.Starks, James Quinn
Tony Newton, Selena She Dead, Alexander Churchyard, Mike Holiday, Pat Higgins
Michael Fausti, Vexy Tah, Marie Olsen, Dane Keil, Esmeralda James, Shawn C Phillips
JZ Rock, Ron Ford, Vince D’Amato, Reyna Young, Nick Charles
John Ward and Michael J Epstein.
Directed by India Kim and Sam Mason Bell.
Released in 2022!

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