Mythophilia included in 2020 anthology Philia! (originally Leopard Parts I and II – world premiere at GenreBlast – Best Actor Nomination for Michael)

Tyler Sage's disturbing two-part murderous fever dream Leopard (pt I / pt IIworld premieres at GenreBlast on 9/1 at 3:15 PM in the same block as Clickbait

The films have been combined as Mythophilia and released as part of the Philia anthology! Now out on blu-ray via Darkside Releasing!

Michael was also nominated for Best Actor - Short for his performance. He is up against some tough competition, including famed creature performer, Doug Jones!

Michael J. Epstein ... Dave
Tessa Evelyn ... The woman
Alex Tober ... Margo
Remy Cashman ... The Hand

Cinematography by Sophia Cacciola
Score (Pt I) by Catherine Capozzi


Philia: One of the four ancient Greek words for love... usually translated as "friendship" or affection. The complete opposite is called a Phobia. What's your kink? Desire? Obsession? Horror?

Film Review: PHILIA (2020) |

PHILIA *** UK 2020 Dir: Sam Mason-Bell, Tyler Sage, Chris Milewski, Shane Ryan and Lilith Singson, Toby Hyder, Steven Longhurst, Tony Newton, Maude Michaud, Mike Reed. 96 mins Philia is an anthology of 8 short films looking at abnormal desire or obsession in their own unique way.

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