Michael interviewed for The Horror Anthology Handbook out on October 27th! Pre-orders now

The Horror Anthology Handbook

I am honored to be included in the "words of wisdom" section of this fantastic guide to horror anthologies! We've done quite a lot of microbudget anthology work in the past few years and I'm definitely excited to see the field assessed and reflected upon in this great new book!

You've directed a few short films, but you're still chasing the dream of the elusive feature... From Trick ‘r Treat & V/H/S to Black Mirror & Goosebumps, writer Keith Hopkins interviews a slew of filmmakers to give YOU the best methods for assembling short form content into feature length content. This is the definitive guide to horror anthology filmmaking, with actionable advice that will guide you on your filmmaking journey.

Bloody Disgusting says, "The book, The Horror Anthology Handbook, is aimed at upcoming filmmakers who want to learn from the experience of others, or for those just curious about the filmmaking process behind some of their favorite anthologies from Bloody Disgusting’s V/H/S and Southbound to XX, The ABC’s of Death, Trick ‘r Treat, “Black Mirror” and more.


It features interviews with yours truly, not to mention Simon Barrett (V/H/S, V/H/S/2), Michael Mcquown (The Dark Tapes), Sofia Carrillo (XX), Ant Timpson (ABCs of Death, Field Guide to Evil), Al Jean (“Simpsons Treehouse of Horror”), Ron Oliver (“Goosebumps”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”),  Stephen Haren (“Black Mirror”), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and many more.

Here are some of the anthologies for which we directed and/or produced segments:

Michael directs “Pride” segment for SINS – now out on blu-ray via Darkside Releasing

Michael directed segment for the 2021 UK anthology, "I am an Addict"

I Am an Addict from Darkside Releasing on Vimeo. Blu-Ray available via Darkside Releasing "I AM AN ADDICT" is an upcoming horror anthology film, directed by ...

Bring Us Your Women – the music and film!

Two films we worked on are part of the 2 Die For anthology! “Witness” and “With Whip”

60 Seconds to Die Anthology featuring “doppelgänger” segment by Sophia and Michael released on DVD and VOD

60 Seconds to Die 2 Anthology featuring “Poisoned” segment by Sophia and Michael now available on DVD (and VOD)

Tales from the Grave: The Dial Tone of Doom - part of the American Terror Tales III and Tales from the Grave anthologies - GenreBlast IV (Catherine Capozzi Best Score WINNER) - Aug 29-Sept 1 - Alamo Drafthouse - Winchester, VA

The Dial Tone of Doom was made for the Tales From The Grave series (produced by Dustin Ferguson)! The Dial Tone of Doom is now also included on Ameri ...

International anthology A Taste of Phobia featuring Sophia and Michael’s “Somniphobia” out on DVD and VOD via Artsploitation

Trashsploitation (2018): a collection of horror, exploitation, b-movie, grindhouse, and trash trailer features TEN and Blood of the Tribades trailers! Now out on blu-ray, DVD, and VHS via SRS Cinema

(NSFW) Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels w/exclusive Blood of the Tribades trailer – distributed by Troma and 30 VHS limited edition by SRS Cinema


Michael directs “Operation: Fist of God” segment for Conspiracy X anthology

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