Women of Rock Oral History Project Launch Party at Zebulon 1/11/18 – video and press roundup



We filmed the event and have posted a song from each set below!


The Women of Rock Oral History Project launch party was a grand, sold-out success!


Excellent, thought-provoking panels given by:


Press Roundup

This L.A. Event Basically Features Your Inner Riot Grrrl's Dream Lineup

This Thursday, rock stars and aficionados alike will meet at Zebulon Café Concert in Los Angeles for a night of music, history, and empowerment. The Women of Rock Oral History Project, a collection of digital and written interviews documenting the careers of women in rock n' roll, is primarily located at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, but the women highlighted by the project will be in L.A.


L.A.'s Female Punk Pioneers Are Writing Themselves Into Rock History - Los Angeles Magazine

Azalia Snail (left) is among the women Tanya Pearson (right) has interviewed. Courtesy Women of Rock Oral History Project A Frogtown party will raise funds for the Women of Rock Oral History Project When Tanya Pearson was an undergrad at Smith College, she wanted to write a paper about representations of women in 1990s rock media.


The Women of Rock Project Documents Interviews for Deserved Recognition

Tanya Pearson was a student at Smith College in Massachusetts when she conceived of and developed an inspired idea: conduct and collect a comprehensive series of interviews with female rock and rollers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the same recognition and place in rock history available to men is also up for grabs for women.


Women of Rock Oral History Project Is Making Noise - Nasty Galaxy

Scratch that-it's remaking history. And this time, it's getting it right. By Remy Ramirez From Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, the term "rock 'n roll" is practically synonymous with masculinity-rarely is the genre readily associated with even the heaviest woman-identifying hitters. But maybe that's more about historical bias than anything else.


Women Will Rock at Women of Rock Tonight

Ever since rock began, it has been kind of like a little boy's fort with a big NO WOMEN ALLOWED sign (Written in adorable crooked letters, which is probably the only time misogyny has ever been considered the least bit adorable). The history of rock, and especially punk, has been dismissive at best, if not completely overlooking women' contributions.


The Women of Rock Oral History Project At Zebulon Café, Thursday January 11th 2018

There was a very hot ticket in town on Thursday night, Zebulon café was hosting a very special night with many famous women of rock.

The Women of Rock Oral History Project Aims to Rewrite History

When I think about rock & roll as a whole, the artists who first come to mind are Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, Slash, etc., etc. The list goes on forever. But only after naming all these musical dudes,...


Kristin Hersh, Legal Weapon, Neon Music, Phranc, Azalia Snail and Patty Schemel join the Women of Rock Oral History Project fundraising launch party - Pasadena Weekly

It has long been the case that, with a handful of exceptions, women have been relegated to the sidelines of rock history - at least as it's been written by (mostly) men. In the year of #MeToo and women refusing to be silenced, archivist Tanya Pearson's Women of Rock Oral History Project feels increasingly necessary.


Women of Rock Oral History Project Launch

Party with a purpose! Thursday night at Zebulon in Silver Lake launched the Women of Rock Oral History Project fundraising events, with a punk rock price of only ten bucks. The fundraising events will sustain the project's growing travel and transcription costs. The Women of Rock Oral History Project began in 2014.