MP3s of The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library Live on WZBC’s Mass. Ave. and Beyond

Three librarians, Tanya K. Palit, Susannah Plaster, and Michael J. Epstein (me) paid a visit to WZBC on Friday to give the world premiere of a few songs and talk about Saturday’s debut performance at Cafe 939 (video, MP3s, and recap coming very soon!).  I also made double use of the visit to promote The Motion Sick‘s upcoming last show for a while by playing “30 Lives.”

Download MP3s of the interview and performances:
01 – Interview Pt 1
02 – Holy Ghost 
03 – Civil Engineering 
04 – Stranger
05 – Interview Pt 2
06 – Amylee
07 – Every Time I Visit You, It Rains 
08 – Interview Pt 3
09 – 30 Lives (The Motion Sick)
10 – Interview Pt 4

Stream all of the songs

Video of me playing “30 Lives”

WZBC’s Mass. Ave. and beyond host Gavin and engineer Jay were super nice to us and gave us cookies, did a great job with sound, and generated strange, but fun interview conversation.  I mostly gave nonsensical answers to questions and Gavin did a great job of tacking to keep up with the ever-more-layered metaphors I tried to use to answer questions in riddles.  Gavin quite successfully found the signal in the noise.  I couldn’t outsmart him!  At some point, I even made a reference to how Shakespeare’s works may have been written by Lord Byron.  I only realized several minutes later that I meant Sir Francis Bacon.  By then, it was too late to reveal my foolishness.  I had already given myself away!

I somehow completely forgot to shoot any photos or video of the visit, despite the fact that I had my camera with me the whole time.  Luckily, Tanya kept her wits about her and saved the day by taking some fine snaps of our time at the station.

Tanya (presumably not taken by Tanya)

Patient Host Gavin puts up with
some kind of nonsense answer by Mike
Vegan cookies.  Gavin kindly made them.
Mike less kindly ate them all.
Susannah questions Mike’s strange idea.