Michael J. Epstein is a Giant Dork: A Selection of Embarrassing Artifacts from Mike’s Past – Part 4: Invasion of the Burrowers (a story I wrote at age 8) – learn the fate of Selwyn Cricket!

Here is a story I wrote for school in my writing journal at age 8.  You can see some thematic similarities to the story I wrote at age 11.  I put the text on the side and tried to maintain spelling and punctuation errors.

Invasion of the Burrowers Part I
One day a boy named Selwyn was playing in his backyard when saw a hole that looked like this: (drawing)
He decided he would see what is burried if he dug.  But he couldn’t dig with his mother around because he wasn’t aloud to dig in the backyard.  So he had to wait until his mother was asleep.  It is only 4:00 PM now.

Part II The Box Creature
It was 1:00 AM so Selweyn put on a sweatshirt and jeans and got a shovel.  Then he creeped down the stairs and out the door.  Then he started digging when the ground started rumbling and shaking! Then where Selwyn dug a steel see through box came up! It had a little blue creature in it. He was talking but his mouth wasn’t moving! He pressed buttons on a computer that said words for him.

Part III The World In Danger
Then the creature said: I’m one of the best messengers of my kind.  I’m a burrower and my name is Moshekeolee.  “Long name” said Selwyn.  Then he said “I am a human and my name is Sel-. Then the monster innturupted “I came to warn you that we will destroy the world unless you humans stop stealing our supplies like oil and cabbages.  If there is too be a war we “The Burrowers” will win it.

Part IIII Proof!
What is the tallest building around here?  I guess the factory down the road but it is scheduled to be knocked down tomorrow, at 3:00. Well tell the President it would will fall at 2:00. and leave the rest to me then he went back down and filled in the hole.  Then Selwyn wrote a letter to the president it said:
Dear President,
The factory will fall at two not three.
Selwyn Cricket

Part IIIII Were in trouble
Then Selwyn went in his room and fell asleep.  The next day his mother asked why he was wearing a sweatshirt.  He said “I got cold so I put it on.

Part IIIIII The Contiued of The Burrowers
The next day at two o’clock Selwyn went to the factory and then it started to collapse!  Everybody around started scattering and screaming!  Then the building toppled over.
Part IIIIIII Scared Stiff!
Then the next day it was put into the paper and the world thought aliens shot it down.  One man got a picture of the factory falling and it showed a blue creature inside the factory.

The Selwyn thought uh oh! the world may be in trouble but I’ll have to help them. So he went to kill the monsters and nobody has seen him since.
The End

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