What is Space Balloons?!

Space Balloons is yet another project from Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola. This one, though, is for the kids. We’re working on a collection of children’s songs, primarily on ukulele.

Space Balloons was created as part of a TV pilot for “Worried All the Time,” created by Rob Potylo of Quiet Desperation fame.  Our characters are two space wanderers – who travel around inside a giant white balloon (a la Rover from The Prisoner – a primary piece of our costume is also the Village cape from The Prisoner). We are lost and cannot find our way home. Our ship and our tummies run on grapes and we have impressive mustaches. We hope to have a full release in late May!

Check out our first three songs in the player below:

Tale of the Space Balloons
If you want a mustache

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