DNFMOMD: New video: First We Take Manhattan released on 7/22

Last month we were very pleased to release our epic Prisoner-recreation music video for Episode 1: Arrival (read about it here and here). Watch that video here.

Michael & Glenn hard at work
microfilm props!

But last July we were about a year in on planning Arrival (and honestly, due to all of the obstacles involved in pulling off a production of that magnitude- we weren’t sure that was ever going to come together) so we started talking with Glenn di Benedetto of Killer Suit Pictures about doing a video for our cover of Leonard Cohen’s First We

suspicious liquids
shooting in the library

Take Manhattan (listen to it here). Since the song is a cover and is outside of our 17 song project to record a song for each episode of The Prisoner series we thought we had a lot more leeway to just create something without directly referencing The Prisoner (though I still wear my white-piped dress, of course!). So we wrote a spy-caper of astronomical implications! Over the course of the rest of 2010 we had about 4 shoot
days. We shot all over Somerville, an undisclosed laboratory, and all over our house. It’s a dark, mysterious psychological thriller!

Watch the teaser for First We Take Manhattan:


Over the course of this project Glenn has become a close comrade and frequent collaborator (see Special Friends – our coming-soon sitcom) so it makes it extra special that we are premiering the completed video at his birthday show – 7/22/11 at The Lizard Lounge – Glenn’s band, Parlour Bells and DNFMOMD play. Parlour Bells are also releasing a single that night – and Glenn and I will sing a very special duet! (FB EVENT)

the monkey and the plywood violin

yes, teetering off of ledges and ladders for our art

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