Sophia’s Rock Beat: Lady Drummer series – Theresa of Streight Angular

A while back, I did some short interviews with local girl drummers whom I admire. I’ve been sitting on these thinking I’m going to do something huge with them, but I’ve come around to thinking I should just post them! So, you’ll be seeing these pop up when these hot ladies have gigs coming up.

Streight Angular is playing tomorrow night at The Middle East Downstairs on one of the most stacked bills of the entire summer! Fri 7/29:
Mellow Bravo, Sidewalk DriverWalter Sickert And The Army Of Broken ToysStreight AngularThis Blue Heaven (doors at 7:30 – do not miss a minute of this bill!)
Boston Band Crush is presenting the night – read their blog post here!

Theresa, like me, started playing drums as a necessity to playing in a band with her partner-in-crime. I asked her about her influences and experience:

Theresa: “I started playing the drums about 5 years ago, when Al Polk wanted to start a new band and asked me to be the drummer.  I grew up playing alto saxophone, but I think I always had drumming in my blood.  I like to make interesting beats, typically with space and syncopation, and I’m inspired a lot by Caribbean rhythms.  My only drumming project has been Streight Angular, although I’ve sat in for other bands, including a hip hop project.  Streight Angular draws from all different genres to create fun, danceable music with a message.”

 Strieght Angular has just released a new video, check it out:

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