Sophia’s Rock Beat: Lady Drummer Series – Jessie Best of Muck and the Mires

A while back, I did some short interviews with local girl drummers whom I admire. I’ve been sitting on these thinking I’m going to do something huge with them, but I’ve come around to thinking I should just post them! Here’s my previous post about Theresa from Streight Angular. So, you’ll be seeing these pop up when these hot ladies have gigs coming up.

Jessie Best is the amazing drummer in Muck and the Mires – I finally got to see them play a few weeks ago and I was totally blown away  by them and Jessie’s playing – I was trying to just sit back and enjoy her playing but my mind was racing trying to figure out how I could incorporate more of her style into my own. She’s an effortless, amazing player. Here’s my Rock Beat with video of that show
Muck and the Mires play tomorrow night (12/2) at Radio in Somerville with Township and Oldjack. Here’s the Boston Band Crush post about the show and the Facebook Event.

Jessie Best of Muck and the Mires
I asked Jessie what her influences were and how she got started drumming:

Jessie Best: “I started playing drums when I was 10 as a result of the influence of my brother who is a fantastic lead guitarist.
He had a band that practiced in our basement when we were kids and I always had to copy him while we grew up. I just took to the drums.

I love old school drummers like Ringo, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon as well as the masters like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and the old Dixie land guys like Baby Dodds…

I play with Muck and the Mires and try to bring that old style heavy kick rock along with 60’s style simplicity and fun.”