Buy Tickets to Darling Pet Munkee “Geek Rock” live debut…receive a FREE pair of X-Ray Specs!

Would you like to hear the best ever (i.e., only) surf/garage/punk songs all about items sold in the backs of old comic books live?

Now’s your chance! This Halloween (10/31), you can come see the late-night, worldwide, debut of Darling Pet Munkee!

If you buy tickets from us directly, you not only save $2 off the door price ($8 vs. $10), but if you are one of the first 20 to buy, you will receive, ABSOLUTELY FREE, a pair of X-Ray Specs (read the story of the specs)!

Buy $8 tickets now ($10 door) and we will get them mailed out right away (with a backup door guarantee should you not receive them in time)!

We headline the show around 11:30 PM!

Also Featuring:

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Band press kits

Seventh Gear


Robot and the Wizard

Bonfire Bandit

** with videos during and between bands by THE WHORE CHURCH **

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