Sophia’s Rock Beat: 03/28/12-03/30/12

Sophia’s Rock Beat (FB)! First! What is SRB? Sophia goes to local shows. Sophia video-records these shows. Then Sophia posts them on the internet. It’s a thing. Seriously, if you want me at your show, let me know-

03/28/12 Wednesday night good times at Great Scott started out with Milkman’s Union (from Portland, ME – got one vid of them). Then You Won’t who I had been wanting to catch for a long while – and they did not disappoint. Raki, the multi-instrumentalist-mostly-drummer totally blew my mind – playing drums with a spatula! Playing keys and drums at the same time (but better than I’ve seen others do it)! polyrhythms that made sense!- it was just crazy times. And the songs are great too. (YW video 2, YW video 3) You Won’t:

Then Hallelujah the Hills! Long-standing awesome Boston band – who I’m hoping will be playing out more now that they have a new drummer and are putting out a new record next month. I love the deliberate instrumentation of HtH – players are willing to bide their time until their part makes sense and kicks the song up – horns, cello, singing into a banjo pick-up! All awesomeness. Also, I wouldn’t normally endorse any sort of Clash cover, but their version of Clampdown made me happy. (HTH video 2, HTH video 3, HtH video 4). Clash cover:

Friday, 3/30 – we went to Moe’s Lounge (downstairs at Radio) for the video release party of Madame Psychosis’ Fan Boy. We caught some of Kristen Ford’s set – video 1, KF video 2. Then the lovely Jessica Sun Lee playing bass and robots and some new material (JSL video 2, JSL video 3)

Brendan Boogie was also trying out/debuting some new material with his as-yet-unnamed backing band (BB video 1, BB video 2, BB video 3)

Finally, the Madame of the hour, the British-hip-hop alter-identity of poet Jade Sylvan took the stage and dished out some rhymes. She was also mysteriously glitter bombed. Which is apparently a thing happening around town now. A wolf-masked mystery man(? or woman, I suppose) is throwing glitter at unsuspecting performers! beware! you have been warned!

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