Sophia’s Rock Beat: 03/15/2013 Schooltree CD Release

WANTON REVELRY was promised and WANTON (but not crispy) REVELRY WAS HAD. Here’s a bit of what my camera saw…there was so much more that it missed: hoops! insane adverts! clothespins! masks! but here’s a taste of the Lizard Lounge on the Ides of March:

Kissing games provided by none other than UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb:

Deep thoughts on bestiality from the incomparable Jade Sylvan:

The the woman and the band of the hour(s) Lainey Schooltree and SCHOOLTREE!

And, Count Zero brought the night to its glorious conclusion:

And hey! Rachel Leah Blumenthal (link to flickr) was there with her camera fulfilling some Ten movie Kickstarter rewards!

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