Sophia’s Rock Beat: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Night 5 – Coyote Colb, The Field Effect, The Suicide Dolls, White Dynomite

Night Five of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble at TT the Bear’s! Night One RecapNight Two RecapNight Three Recap! Night Four Recap! Also, it’s a good time to mention that anyone is welcome to use my videos for their articles, websites, pages, etc. A credit of “Sophia’s Rock Beat” is appreciated.

Coyote Kolb – great harmonies. so much hair. first banjo and first harmonica of the Rumble ’13

The Field Effect – one of the best sets of the Rumble so far…wildcard?

The Suicide Dolls  – hot rock trio from CT!

White Dynomite (WINNERS!) – I appreciate a band that puts effort into dressing alike, and you can’t go wrong with white suits…also I want the lead singers dreads to fight Walter Sickert’s dreads. Also, they killed a duck on stage. Or, just a duck-feather filled pillow, but I think the carnage speaks for itself:

two things: would kill a duck for those clear vistalites and holy-gross out, duck feathers.

The Field Effect…

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