Sophia’s Rock Beat: Rumble Night 4: Mount Peru, Whitcomb, Lifestyle, Twin Berlin!

Night Four! of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble at TT the Bear’s! Night One RecapNight Two Recap! Night Three Recap! Also, it’s a good time to mention that anyone is welcome to use my videos for their articles, websites, pages, etc. A credit of “Sophia’s Rock Beat” is appreciated. Onto the roll:

Mount Peru had polka-dot scarfs! and horns! and Mary Flatley! so much right:

Whitcomb – I think stole everyone’s hearts last night…from the guitarist playing having come straight from the hospital to the charismatic frontman (STAGE MOVES! I LOVES THEM!) – they had us eating out of their hands:

Lifestyle (WINNERS!)- this was the set to see from Lifestyle, so much dancing, so many hooks, so much Ad Frank, so much sadness over the loss of Sean Drinkwater’s Mullet – you can see it being sacrificed in the first video:

Twin Berlin are proof that if you take your pants off, I will go back and tape another song!