Music Video for Anda Volley (shot and edited by Michael and Sophia) “If I Turn into a Black Rose”

Out today, a music video that we shot and edited for Anda Volley! We shot this in a few hours in the wilds of Cambridge one August afternoon:

Read Anda’s blog about the video, excerpt:

“Porcelain Dalya dances, making wavelets with her arms in the sun-dappled, glowing background. She is the red rose; the purity and force of new love. Nefertara Hotep is the mischievous and magical black rose faerie, appearing and disappearing suddenly behind and between dark trees, antagonizing love; the undercurrent of transformation, how love changes. Will my lover accept me when I become, at times, a black rose? The sincerity and anxiety of unfolding ourselves and revealing our imperfections, adulterating the idealism and magnetic force lovers first hold toward each other.”

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