Our film, “For the love of metamorphosis…” will be included as part of the SCATV Community Vault Screening June 20th 3 PM Davis Square Theatre

Local videos, including our, “For the love of metamorphosis…” celebrated at Community Vault!

Tickets: http://communityvault.weebly.com/tickets.html

Somerville Neighborhood News Story

With media production technologies changing rapidly, our community is overdue for a retrospective of the productions and visions created and expressed locally over the years. Get your Community Vault Tickets today!

Community Vault will showcase archived programs alongside contemporary media work and will create a dialogue between the past and the present, asking “What has changed?” and “What has stayed the same?”. We envision surprising and revealing juxtapositions in screening the past beside the present.

Participating Community Media Centers that have submitted to both the ARCHIVE and CONTEMPORARY categories include Northampton Community Television, Cambridge Community Television, Somerville Community Access Television, Ashland Community Television, Easton Community Television, Stoughton Community Television as well as submissions from local filmmakers. Works may be screened either in full or in excerpt depending on length.

This event has been organized by the Community Vault Program Committee which includes Somerville Community Access Television staff member, Erica Jones, and filmmakers (and SCATV members) Emily Falcigno, Bryan Mckeon and Amanda Wild.

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