Blood of the Tribades wins Best Score at GENRE BLAST Film Festival in Culpeper, VA 08/19/16


GENREBLAST Film Festival, Culpeper VA

Blood of the Tribades and the The Blood is the Life documentary about the making of the film are available now on various platforms (streaming free on Amazon Prime).
Friday, August 19, 2016 @ 11:59PM
We are incredibly honored to have won the award for BEST SCORE!
(listen at Blood of the Tribades Soundtrack )
We were also nominated for:
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature
Best Grindhouse/Exploitation
Best Supporting Actor for Seth Chatfield as Grando
Best Screenplay
Best Poster
Best Ensemble


Audience Award – Frankenstein Created Bikers

Founders Award – Crocodile

Jury Award – Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

Les Femmes De Genre Award – Tristan Risk

Best Overall Feature – Savageland

Best Overall Short – They Will All Die In Space

Best Music Video – Memories

Best VA/TN Connection Film – The Greater Evil

1st Place Feature Script – Redcap Towing by Ryan LaPlante

Runner-Up Feature Script – Cover Crop by Jeffrey Howe

Honorable Mention Feature Script (tie) – Pink Bunny by Geoffrey Calhoun

Honorable Mention Feature Script (tie) – Hellbender by Dan Sullivan

1st Place Short Script – The Battle of Pinewood by Tom Prunier

Runner-Up Short Script – Scratching the Surface by Samantha Kolesnik

Best Horror Feature – Dry Blood

Best Action/Thriller Feature – Scratch

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature – Capsule

Best Grindhouse/Exploitation Feature – Frankenstein Created Bikers

Funniest Feature – Yeti: A Love Story 2: Life on the Streets

Best Horror Short – Innsmouth

Best Action/Thriller Short – Cassandra

Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Short – Populace

Best WTF Short – Another Man’s Teeth

Best Experimental Short – Mostly Useless

Funniest Short – No Egg on the Pizza

Best Actress Feature – Dionne Audain, Dinner with the Alchemist

Best Actor Feature – Jeremy Herrera, Bloodsucker’s Handbook

Best Supporting Actress Feature – Melynda Kiring, All Through the House

Best Supporting Actor Feature – Paul Richter, The Village of Middlevale

Best Actress Short – Mali Elfman, The Blood of Love

Best Actor Short – Todd Voltz, The Whiskey Talking

Best Ensemble – The Village of Middlevale

Best Feature Screenplay – Dinner with the Alchemist by Jenna St. John

Best Short Screenplay – A Man Willing to Kill by Justin Buckner

Best Directing Feature – Jessica Cameron for Mania

Best Directing Short – Pol Diggler for Director’s Cut

Best FX Feature – Night of Something Strange

Best FX Short – Beautiful Dreamer

Best Cinematography Feature – A Different Set of Cards

Best Cinematography Short – dark_net

Best Score – Blood of the Tribades

Best Song – Faces by Phil Elam

Best Action/Fight Coreography – Force & Honor

Best Poster Feature – She Kills

Best Poster Short – Polterstache

“The GenreBlast Film Festival is a one-of-a-kind film experience created by three crazy filmmakers for both filmmakers and film lovers to celebrate genre filmmaking (action/horror/sci-fi/fantasy, etc…) in a fun and friendly environment that can best be described as a weekend-long party for film geeks and movie buffs.”






“…the film is a love letter to offbeat lesbian vampire films that offers powerful discourse on self-identity, feminism, and the violence wrought from religious dogma. Immersive, elegantly photographed, and guided by a terrific original score by Night Kisses, Blood of the Tribades urges vampire tradition forward in challenging new directions. (read more)”


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