Blood of the Tribades wins Best Feature (overall) at Imaginarium Convention Film Festival 2016!

imaginarium2016_officialselection_smallerBlood of the Tribades won Best Feature (overall) at Imaginarium Convention!

Blood of the Tribades and the The Blood is the Life documentary about the making of the film are available now on various platforms (streaming free on Amazon Prime).

2016 Imaginarium Convention – Imaginarium Convention

Below is a complete list of Film Festival and Imadjinn Award winners for Imaginarium 2016. We extend our gratitude to all who participated this year and we look forward to spotlighting many more talented filmmakers and writers in the years to come!

It’s an amazing gathering focused on writers/writing, so this is a tremendous honor for us!

We were very bummed that we couldn’t manage to attend, but they are the best and I really hope we can make it next year!


Complete list of 2016 Film Festival Award Winners

Best Feature (Overall): Blood of the Tribades
Best Feature (Overall) Runner-Up: Pechorin

Best Feature (Non-Genre): Pechorin
Best Feature (Non-Genre) Runner-up: Game Changers

Best Feature (Genre): Legend of the Lich Lord
Best Feature (Genre) Runner-up: Dark Tapes

Best Short Film (Overall): Random
Best Short Film (0verall) Runner-up: Last Request

Best Short Film (Genre) Runner-up: Cassandra
Best Short Film (Genre): The Town Where Nobody Lives

Best Short Film (Non-Genre): Letters to Daniel: Awareness

Best Documentary: She Got Game
Best Documentary Runner-up: Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game

Best Music Video: Tell Me Why You Obsess Me
Best Music Video Runner-up: C.T.R.L.

Best Screenplay: Dark Tapes
Best Screenplay Runner-up: The Town Where Nobody Lives

Best Plot Development: Axiom
Best Plot Development Runner-up: Random

Best Character Development: Game Changers
Best Character Development Runner-up: Death After Pancakes

Best Director: True Design
Best Director Runner-up: Incumbent


Friday Oct 7, 2016 @ 12:55 AM (Friday night / Saturday morning)

Screening Information – Tickets

Imaginarium Convention is a three day annual event held in Louisville, Kentucky centered entirely around creative writing, including the worlds of books, movies, gaming, music, and comics/graphic novels. Imaginarium Convention features extensive programming content, with panels and workshops presented by over 150 professional guests covering everything from the craft of writing to various genres, industry-specific topics, publishing, and social media/publicity. The convention features a film festival with a full array of awards, a masquerade/costume contest, live music, gaming, an expo open to the general public, an awards banquet, a series of literary awards called the Imadjinns, and many more activities, creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that is content-rich and ideal for networking, promotion and personal development.


We were very excited that we played at the Imaginarium Film festival last year with Magnetic!

Magnetic also won Best Direction and runner up in Best Genre Feature, Plot Development, and Character Development!!!

TEN played there two years ago and we were able to attend and we had such a lovely time meeting everyone and making new friends at the convention/fest.

“…a love letter to offbeat lesbian vampire films that offers powerful discourse on self-identity, feminism, and the violence wrought from religious dogma. Immersive, elegantly photographed, and guided by a terrific original score by Night Kisses, Blood of the Tribades urges vampire tradition forward in challenging new directions.” Chris Hallock, Boston Underground Film Festival

“…refreshingly uncommon…featuring a unique, fully realized world unto its own—a world populated by vampires that roam forests and ruins…one with its own hierarchy and class system in place. Besides the immersive mythology of the piece, the impressive array of locales—many absolutely gorgeous—on display in this film is astounding…” – Daniel XIII, Famous Monsters of Filmland

“…a considerable achievement visually, with meticulously considered shot compositions and a lush colour palette that enhances and foregrounds the colours of the natural world. Pink skies reflect in slivers of water and nature’s various shades of green seem to pulsate from the screen”
“…acts as an attack on those who bend religion to their own ends, and serves to highlight the detriment (to both men and women) brought about by patriarchy and male privilege.” – Kevan Farrow, Scream

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