The Transformations of the Transformations of the Drs. Jenkins – World Premiere GenreBlast 9/4/2021



World Premiere - GenreBlast - 9/4/2021
11:45 PM -- THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE DRS. JENKINS (dirs. Stephen Stull, Bob Rose, Kate McCoid & Michael J. Epstein / US&UK / 97m) plays with...
THAT DOLL AIN'T RIGHT! (dirs. Brian W. Smith & Vincent Vinas / US / 1m)
ON THE ROAD AGAIN (dir. C. Michael Whaley / US / 4m)
A MAN TO BE MISSED (dir. Kornblum Katz / US / 3m)
BEYOND THE GREEN HOLE (dir. Jeff Frumess / US / 8m)
MURDEROUS SPACE FATHERFUCKERS (dirs. Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein / US / 4m
MYSTERIES OF CRYPTID SEX #1799 (dir. Bob Rose / US / 7m)




Determined to create the ultimate pandemic film, Stephen (who apparently has never heard of an exquisite corpse) brings a team of filmmakers together, believing he has created a brand new genre of filmmaking, they recruit 20 of their friends to each shoot a segment of the film. A lot goes wrong! Michael convinces the team he can program an AI better than Amazon. Bob wasn't invited. Kate has regrets.

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