Sick ‘n’ Wrong 72-Hour Debacle Film challenge, “I thought his name was Blarche”


We signed up to participate in the second Sick 'n' Wrong 72-Hour Film Debacle. With a team of Michael, Sophia, and Blanche the dog, we set out to destroy god themselves.

Synopsis: A woman and her questionable veterinarian search across dimensions to kill god in order to save Blanche the dog from a growing inter-dimensional rift in her brain.

We were given the mood, "befuddled" and the plot element, "a body part contains a portal to another reality."


I thought his name was Blarche will also screen as part of the online Severed Limbs Film Festival 'Happy New Fear' on 1/8!

Our previous Debacle film, Murderous Space FatherF*******

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