Darling Pet Munkee 7/7/12 at RADIO recap! w/video and more…

Darling Pet Munkee had a total blast rocking radio on the 7th. We were sad that Johnny Angel Wendell wasn’t able to be there to partake in his two-night hoot, but it was a grand time nonetheless!

In addition to the rock sets, Mike Mills from REM was in attendance!

Huge thanks to Johnny Anguish of Daykamp Music for taking some awesome pictures at the show! (Embedded from his Flickr account)

Some videos from the night! No one has yet posted any Eric Martin, but I suspect some videos might pop up eventually. We also know there will eventually be more DPM vids. Johnny Anguish also posted this grand video of our cover of “Brand New Cadillac.” Until then, enjoy this NSFW performance by Porcelain Dalya (reprising her role as Elvira from our CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE) and Maggie. Always a pleasure to have them perform with us, even though we never actually get to see what they’re doing.