A HUGE thanks to our Kickstarter contributors for the movie TEN

Our campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaeljepstein/ten-b-movie-psychological-thriller-full-of-twists

We just wanted to pass along a big thank you to the contributors to our campaign! We’re extremely excited to have you all be a part of this project and we look forward to sharing more news about the film.
A huge thanks (in no particular order) to:
Dianne K. Webb (@diannekwebb) is a multi-genre artist, mother of Karin Webb (who she calls “one of [her] three best works”)…and that says it all. http://www.diannekwebb.com/diannekwebb/dianne_k_webb,_art.html

Porcelain Dalya is Boston’s Littlest DDD Toy Mermaid.

Nicole Jeppsen (@cyndaelle) is a music enabler extraordinaire; she is a groupie looking for musicians.

Kristilyn is an illustrator, crafty crafter and occasional animator whose work can be found in galleries along the East Coast. When she isn’t conjuring up her next adorably macabre image, she can be found around New England at a convention or craft show or in a Boston club drawing the most talented local bands as they perform. http://www.kristilynink.com

HearNow Live (@hearnowlive) is supporting the Boston music scene!

Phil Opitz (@Jawsy_P) is Timelord Phil Opitz, Master of All The Things And More – a scientist-in-training by day, he bumbles around the Boston music scene by night.

Matt Graber is a musician and music teacher who lives in Somerville. He plays drums in the bands “Endation” and “Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins.” He teaches private lessons on drums and piano, and he’s about to begin a public school position teaching 4th grade band. Although he decided to support this project with a contribution, he hopes Michael J. Epstein will understand that this in no way changes their relationship.  They will continue to be mortal enemies until the bitter end. http://www.mattgrabermusic.com –  http://www.facebook.com/endationhttp://www.facebook.com/SelfEmployedAssassinshttp://endation.bandcamp.comhttp://sarahrabdau.bandcamp.com/album/sarah-rabdau-and-self-employed-assassins 

Paul Watts – is just a regular guy who likes to rock! – his music is here: https://www.facebook.com/Superwatts23

Sarah Steinberg is a producer of films, her credits include co-producer of GIRLFRIEND (Justin Lerner, 2010) which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and Y-LOVE (Caleb Heller, 2011) and the upcoming Only Daughter. http://www.indiegogo.com/onlydaughter

Edrie (@armyoftoys) Raised on a farm in North Dakota, Edrie never thought her Lawrence Welk accordion skills would come in handy. Now from heifers to the Hynes Convention Center and everywhere in between; follow Edrie as she tells you about her life and her Army of Broken Toys.

Samantha Milowsky (@smilowsky) believes in supporting the arts and artists, and she considers it like wildlife conservation of our rich inner lives and shared experiences. She runs Amethyst Arsenic, amethystarsenic.com, a poetry and art website, which is soon to feature music too. She uses twitter to carry on about techie stuff like web development.
Ben Knight (@benknightlife) makes awesome music, he has a new record coming out soon: http://benknightlife.bandcamp.com/
Richard Bouchard (@indierockranger) wears lots of hats and goes to lots of shows. He also runs Boston Band Crush and loves Freddie Mercury.
Rachel Eddey (@racheleddey) is the author of Running of the Bride: My Frenzied Quest to Tie the Knot, Tear Up the Dance Floor, and Figure Out Why My 15 Minutes of Fame Included Commercial Breaks http://amzn.to/t2vLq4 http://www.RachelEddey.com

Seth Chatfield is an artist, musician (Scandal in Bohemia, Tin-Types) and former journalist. His previous film work includes the role of ‘Jeremy’ in Justin Lerner’s 2010 film Girlfriend which premiered at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival. He has an upcoming role in the movie Only Daughter.

Rick Hansen is the percussion contraptionist for Machine 475 and he “pledged money because I think you are a twisted psychopath and you need creative projects to keep you out of trouble.” http://www.machine475.com/

Bonnie Abrahams combines the skills of stand up comedy, psychotherapy and dental hygiene. Fan of MJEML and Golden Bloom (and all of Shawn Fogels endeavors)  http://goldenbloom.net/ …and proud mom of Dan, Abbye aand Shawn.

Joseph Egan is a music teacher for Boston Public Schools. He does keyboards, producing, songwriting, and is a gifted soundman.  In 1981 he wrote and produced a 7″ vinyl recording (Rather You Than Me – Broken Glass) that’s considered an R&B collector’s item. http://www.musicstack.com/item/71293034 He also recorded Sidewalk Driver’s EP, Car Broke Down, in his home studio. Collaborator with Gilstone.  

Betty Widerski (@BettyWiderski) is a string slut and one-woman reference library. In addition to random band guest appearances she may be found playing 6-string acoustic mezzo viola in Ginger Ibex, looping solo electric violin as Reverse Polish Notation, and sharing various useful information at What Betty Knowshttp://whatbettyknows.com/

Phil White (@cerise8192) is the result of a mysterious computer glitch in a DIY test tube baby kit. While appearing normal, his DNA didn’t cool correctly. The phenotypical result is a reckless drive for space and the mistaken belief that Facebook ‘likes’ will form the basis for a future currency with which he could refuel his rocket. He dreams of finding a blue alien girl who makes the universe’s best baklava and settling down at a nice Lagrange point around Ceti Alpha V. 

Craig Griffiths is an Australian indie multi-instrumentalist. His music is a paella of swirling fuzz, slide blues, retro pedals, sweet acoustic, sonic experiments, strangeness, dark humour and poetic lyrics www.skullbug.com

Christine Langill is a poet (much to her family’s chagrin). She lives in Salem with her wife-to-be and a menagerie of adopted animals. 
The Pennies (@thepenniesmusic) are an Americana band from Somerville who love horror movies. They are also on kickstarter trying to make a new record! check it out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thepenniesmusic/dont-look-at-me-and-cry-the-pennies-make-a-new-rec – http://thepenniesmusic.com/  (also, bonus! here’s a short horror film they made on an iphone: http://youtu.be/uz0839968BA)

Danielle Horvath is a horror movie fan doing what she can to help make it possible for awesome films like Ten, to find their way out into the public forum.

Wes Martinez (@TheConduitMovie) is a horror film maker! Check out his movie The Conduit!  https://www.facebook.com/TheConduitMovie/

Kent Thompson, after some hasty paperwork, was declared a native of Norman, Oklahoma. The Sooner authorities eventually convinced him to leave and only visit the former at Winter holidays. With Indian Territory no longer a haven, he followed a good woman East, as circumstances and the era encouraged (ca. mid-1990s). She later fled the country to experience a more authentic life in Oaxaca – apparently succeeding. Thompson followed a flawlessly dull stretch in journal publishing with stressful, better-compensated gigs in online publishing then to digital media Babylon by Bits. He now trolls the area performance halls and corporate remnants for interesting but less well-compensated video production, postproduction, and publishing. Letters of Marque productions (& LoM on YouTube) began around 2005 as a sideline that fit well with job skill trends and now has a federal EIN number and business license with City Hall. Contact: kthompson@lettersofmarque.net https://vimeo.com/lettersofmarque

Sharon Yelton, our local correspondent on the Cincinnati/Kentucky border that keeps us updated on important local landmarks like the Touchdown/Terminator/McDonald’s Drive-thru Jesus, the Creationist Hall of Fame and the Florence Ya’ll watertower.

Matt Smith (@smithtastic) the man behind all things Campfire and a ton of other awesomeness all the time at Club Passim. http://www.passim.org/
Brian Hracyk, a great supporter of our many music projects!

Greg Grinnell of Mission Creep, the amazing soul-jazz garage/psych band! http://www.missioncreep.org/

Ad Frank dubbed “the poet laureate of the lovelorn”, Ad Frank follows a long tradition of brooding, hyper-literate curmudgeons…also, he’s Mr. Balloon Hands. http://adfrank.com/

Jessica Sun Lee (@jleedangerpants) singer-songwriter-bassist-artist extraordinaire! http://jessicasunlee.com/http://loveontheblocks.com/

Kristen Scioli – a great supporter of live music and we’re looking forward to turning the tables and seeing the live performance debut of the Atomic Savants!

David W. Aquilina is an accomplished trumpeter and photographer, he’s easily found with Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band! http://starkindler.us/blog/

Chris Lin – who sings about the trials of being a father and husband in The X Husbands! http://thex-husbands.bandcamp.com/

Bob Colby – man about town, live music enthusiast, and videographer: http://www.youtube.com/user/bob1colby?feature=results_main

Adam Sankowski plays bass in one of our very favorites, The Grownup Noise http://thegrownupnoise.com/

Reid Simpson is a fan of the creative arts… music, drama, visual… and believes that the best way to insure that he has something to appreciate is to help fund it during gestation, rather than waiting around to buy a ticket to a performance.

JoEllen Yannis is a DJ for On The Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO www.wmfo.org, and she’s often on the town at local shows!

Jane Allard is a member of The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library and teaches ballet.

Meff (@dasmeff ) is a mustachioed dandy and playwright. Her recent work 28 Seeds, was a theatre triumph. She is also a member of Walter Sickert and the ARmy of BRoken TOys. http://armyoftoys.com 

Paul Cowgill – Paul plays in the Boston-based indie folk rock band Cowgill. http://cowgillmusic.com

Chris March – a music video creator! check out his two amazing videos for Aloud animated: http://youtu.be/bUfvU25ud9g and live action: http://youtu.be/8_rMHSpUDc4

Johnny Anguish – photographer to the stars at Daykamp Music! https://daykampmusic.com/

Matt Lambert (@trebmalm) Boston, MA area photographer, band promoter, blogger and music enthusiast.

Nick Balkin (@nickbalkin) plays bass in the americana-tinged awesome band, Kingsley Flood
http://kingsleyflood.com/ – they are in the middle of their own funding campaign to make a new record – do check it out! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kingsleyflood
Brendan Boogie (@brendanboogie) bass player, song writer, pop star. His latest band is Brendan Boogie and The Broken Gates. He’s also in Parlour Bells and Low Static Romance. Once a month he gets inside everyone’s heads at Rock Therapy! http://www.brendanboogie.com/

Nicole McControversy (@nikisublime) is the Director of Programming Boston Underground Film Festival. Music video curator. Comic book enthusiast. 90’s rap zealot. Occasional artist. http://bostonunderground.org

Joe Kowan (@discohog) aka J. Krafty aka the original Crafty Gangsta and mad-cryptozoologist who studies the mating patterns of Bigfoot and Lady Sasquatch.  http://www.craftygangsta.com/  and  http://www.bigfootlikestheladies.com/

Bw Anderson (@fauxox) is an inspiration with a jam block and he’s the drummer of post-art-punk band Faux Ox http://fauxox.com

Holly Collins is a world famous kalimba player and food blogger at Nomsense http://nomsensefoodblog.blogspot.com/

Dave Yuknat (@theinebriations) is a Father, Husband, User Experience Designer and part-time rock star in The Inebriations http://www.theinebriations.com/

Meaghan Q. Sinclair manages rock bands (http://www.facebook.com/ggmpsllc), owns a boutique bartending company (http://boozeepoque.com/), and writes young adult lit. http://meaghanq.com/

Tricia Smith is amazing, dipped in awesome, covered in bitch sprinkles (the best kind). Voracious reader. Music enthusiast. Web Developer. http://digitalmagick.net
Glenn DiBenedetto (@gdbenedetto) is the crooner in Parlour Bells (http://parlourbells.com/) and does video as Killer Suit Pictures ). He’s also the mind that brought you Coffee Steve, Octohomo, Garlic Naan Chair, Cheese Nails, and Omerta.

Mike and Nancy Quinn – Mike has been involved with recording nearly all of our records at The Moontower and his family are full-fledged Balloononians!

Sooz (@Sooz) is awesome – check out sooz.com!

Julie Kantner – Although shy, she like to sing about things. Astronauts, haunted shoes, ill fated balloon rides etc. http://www.uraniumdaughters.com/ – http://uraniumdaughters.bandcamp.com/

Crystal Walters, (@defragdoll ) thats me. Soiler of many hats and pseudonyms. I’m a composer of mostly instrumental music, much of which has yet to be heard by the public, but it helps keep me sane. I’m currently doing work under the name DefragDoll, and maybe I’ll look into starting a kickstarter project in the future, but for now those interested can hear a couple tracks from my previous project “The Red Barren” over at http://redbarren.bandcamp.com . I’ve also been known to spout some brain-droppings at http://defragdoll.tumblr.com

Karen Harris  (@TheVivs)  of Boston band, The Vivs (www.thevivs.com).

Terri Brosius (@TheVivs) also of Boston band, The Vivs (www.thevivs.com).

Mick Greenwood – guitarist for The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars http://www.sprband.com and Music Producer for The Steve Katsos Show http://www.stevekatsos.com

Garth McMurray is an artist who needs to draw more often. He should stop procrastinating & get a comic book done even if it’s just a mini comic. facebook link

Bryan McPherson (@BryanMcPherson) – the only indie folk punk that matters. http://www.bryanmcpherson.com/
Rory Gory Pictures – keep an eye on them…they are shooting their first feature film! https://www.facebook.com/RoryGoryPictures

Tim Gilman, host of Slow and Unsteady on WMBR. Wednesdays 8-9PM… https://wmbr.org/

Tobias Fleischer. He just started his own movie production company “PYLON.FM Productions” (http://www.pylonfm.com), focussing mainly on indie/low budget films, as he knows these are the people that are most struggling with financing, but are very often also much more creative than the mainstream stuff.

Emily Arkin – she rocks hard in The Operators and Shepherdess http://emilyarkin.com

Jennifer Sutherland (@berkshirejens) -what better way to celebrate local artists, movies and music than by drinking local hooch? follow and she’ll show you the promised land! think globally, drink locally and purchase kick-ass craft spirits www.berkshiremountaindistillers.com

Phil and Lainey are the quintessential 21st century power couple. Lainey is a composer/producer and band-despot of Schooltree (www.schooltreemusic.com), and Phil is a beer-brewer and history buff. They love both stuff and things, especially the arts, the environment, dogs on trampolines, and white turtlenecks. www.laineyschooltree.com

Benjy Kantor is the Director of Marketing at Passim, a nonprofit music organization in Harvard Square, and he is the husband of the woman behind independent jewelry design company www.ripegoods.com.

Richard Mirsky is on the right side of the dolphin apocalypse – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Mirsky/188541294491637 see also: https://www.facebook.com/hixxmusic

Herbert Eder, some geek (and good at it!) from Austria who likes movies and photography: www.itsveryfoto.at

Myq Kaplan (@myqkaplan) is a comedian named Myq Kaplan. It’s pronounced Mike Kaplan, easier to say but harder to Google. Or Bing. Do either of those things, or just go to www.myqkaplan, and see/hear all the things that are there. If you want. You’re in charge of your own destiny maybe. – http://youtu.be/F99i52BrlA8facebook.com/myqkaplan – new CD: http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/please-be-seated/id540512648

Tobias Lukefisher – the amazing Tobias Lukefisher!

Ryan Evans – the dynamite Ryan Evans!

Amy Roeder – the lovely Amy Roeder!

Chad Parenteau is a poet living and working in the Boston area.  He is the current host and organizer of the Stone Soup Poetry series. http://www.chadparenteaupoetforhire.com/

Leon C Rich IV – guitar-slinger! www.LeonRich.com and www.30Pack.com

Jesse Strachman! http://www.bluesprucetheatre.org/

Susan Epstein – expert of maths!
Shelly Minter the wonderful!
Jason Steeves – the film-maker behind We Want The Airwaves: The WFNX Story! http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Want-The-Airwaves-The-WFNX-Story/445085722171073
Lisa Christian, the delightful writer of the blog The Honeymoon Life https://web.archive.org/web/20180827023244/http://thehoneymoonlife.blogspot.com/
Rachel Leah Blumenthal – http://www.rachelblumenthal.net/
Catherine Capozzi – http://www.facebook.com/Axemunkee
Jeffrey McDonald  the very handsome
Sarah Zaranek – TEN co-writer!
John Langton the incredible!
Chris Bernardi ( @simplyland ) the magnificent! 
Francine Hendelman the superb!
Sophie Innerfield (@sinnerfield) the lovely!

Tina Bugara the splendiferous!

Ed Salvato the marvelous!

Mindy Gillis the majestic!

Bryn Bennet the amazing! http://www.bangcamaro.com

Laura Packer the elegant!

John & Stacy Pisani – musical masterminds behind Swish and Flick!!

Heather Pottle the smashing!

Jesselyn the grand!

Scott Miles the piano man of The Scott Miles Foundation!

DioGirl – she’s like a rainbow in the dark!

John Doherty the regal!

Joseph Foley the sublime!

Juliet Schneider – Building an animation empire one megapixel at a time. http://iridiumproductions.com/

Kevin T. Monahan the celebrated! http://bostonunderground.org/

Deb Chachra (@debcha) the distinguished creator of #dailyidioms! and http://zedequalszee.com/

Sean Spada -.the man in the best-named band ever Deathrow Tull –  http://seanspada.com 

David C – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4035503/

Andrew & Anindita Sempere the intergallactic! http://andrewsempere.org/ http://www.anindita.org/

Scott Purdy the impressive!

Tim Briggs the virgo-a-go-go!

Nick Norrman the tops!

More info about these fine contributors coming soon:
Benjamin Margolis

Paul McAlarney
Barbara Edinberg
Paisley Rojagato
Jonah Burstein
Andrew Galante
Hugh Wyman
Sharon Epstein
Doug Kingsley
Emily Sichel
Anita Lynne
Natalie Baack
Michael C. Oliver
Doug Fuller
Kevin Reilly
Jonathan Bernhardt
Tina Penman
Destiny Curtis
Rick Berlin
Michael Holmes
Lauren Nock
Niki Luparelli
June Blumenthal
Carlos Junior
Joe Renken
Travis Simpkins
Candace Clement
Carolyn Castellano
Rick Kotowski
Mark Lind
Travis Richter
Chris Norton
Justin Moore
James O’Brien
Brockton James
Kelly Craven
nicole tammaro
Blue Moon Harem
Mike Mirabella
Ron Trembath
Joseph Mayer
Brian King
Lisa Winton
Jennifer Shakti
Ian Fitzgerald
Kevin Gannon
Shawn Fogel
Cat Ramos
Caroline Barney
Mario E. Martinez
Daniel R St. Germain
Chad Babino
Rafi Sofer
Fred Boak
Jeremy Stamas
Jamie Barth
Chad Norris
McBrett Cabe
Lauren Roberts
Sean Hafferty
Rebekah Murphy
Sarah Rabdau
Michael Epstein
rob vassegh
Dan Shick
Hillary Demmon
Kevin J ONeil
Patrick Flaherty
Vicky Salipande
Mike Cosgrove
Wan Ling Fahrer
Will Ragano
Crystal Murphy
Ryan Spaulding
Johnny Angel Wendell
Brendan Haley
Jeff Lipton
jojo lazar
patrick mussari
Joel Edinberg
Marny Mitchell
Greg Massi
Stephen Giordano
Liz McGuire
Jessica Gregory
Katherine Prouty
Chuck Pukmel
Dark Park
Eddie Japan
Rita Garrido
Emily Arkin
Leilani TheRipper
Meagan Jackson
Jared Egan
Greg Brodsky
Jennifer Sutherland
April Watkins-Doeg
Justin Snow
Janelle Rogers
Katie Yowell
John D. Peterson
Susannah Plaster
Rose Bayani
Donald Contois
Mika Cooper
Steve Brant
Linda Scurvyann Bean Pardee
Chris Toppin
Danielle Forbes
Suzanne Verme
Kim Prince
Charles Chicky Winkleman
Jill Estabrooks
Jeremiah Patrick Morgan
Michele Burnell
Michael Lin
Marianne Cacciola
Chris Barrett
Phil Fleming
Linnea Herzog
Blake Girndt
Bridget Leahy
Bill T. Miller
Michael Edge
Pia Bloom

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