TEN Kickstarter Update 2: Crew Announcement: Catherine Capozzi

Our campaign http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaeljepstein/ten-b-movie-psychological-thriller-full-of-twists

We are really pleased to announce that the amazing Catherine Capozzi will be working as a crew member on the TEN film shoot, AND, more importantly, will be working on scoring the film. Catherine was responsible for all of the all-guitar scoring of the original trailer and we’re delighted to have her back for the full deal!

It’s quite possible that we held her hostage after she tore up the stage at a Darling Pet Munkee show recently and demanded her compliance.

More about her:
Catherine Capozzi is nothing less than a guitar goddess. After being selected by Queen’s Brian May out of 104 guitarists to win a famed “Red Special” guitar, Catherine founded Axemunkee to highlight her original guitar-based compositions, blending a variety of musical styles including: majestic psychedelia, hard rock, surf music, Middle Eastern music, and Parisian swing. Axemunkee’s “Acid Django” has been featured multiple times in the History Channel’s hit program, American Pickers. Cathy, known previously for her work with the band All the Queen’s Men and the Edith Piaf tribute band, Ziaf, was even mentioned in the book: She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul by British rock writer Lucy O’Brien.

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