TEN casting call is now closed.

Kickstarter project link (with info/ref trailer): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaeljepstein/ten-b-movie-psychological-thriller-full-of-twists/

The most common question at the moment…
How can I be in your movie TEN? 



Some of my thoughts on how to best apply / get a role:
I am basically interested in a note regarding which role you’re interested, why you’re interested, why you think you’d be a good fit (maybe optional on this one even), some photos, and some videos of you. I prefer an acting reel for videos, but I actually don’t even mind seeing candid videos or videos of you talking about why you’d like the role. Send them if you’ve got one, but I haven’t yet found resumes themselves useful, particularly because they are full of stuff that isn’t really relevant to our casting needs.

We have no remaining crew openings. There is no room for visitors to the set, etc. It will only be open to necessary cast and crew.

We (led by Catherine Capozzi) will be composing all of the music. We won’t need any additional music for the soundtrack or anyone else to be involved with scoring.

Thanks so much for your interest in TEN!

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