TEN Kickstarter Update 11: 75%, trending toward funding! Thank you all so much!!! Crew Announcement: Sarah Wait Zaranek!

TEN Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/kickstart10

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce that, thanks to a wave of contributions today, we have reached 75% funding (77% actually) and are now trending toward exactly 100% funded, according to Kicktraq. Your support means so much to us! It’s not even just the financial contribution, but also simply the idea that so many of you believe in us, and want to help make it possible for us to take on this project. We’re very excited about turning TEN into a reality. We’re approaching the possibility of funding (with 6 days remaining) optimistically and we’ve started planning for production so that we can keep to the schedule we’ve got in mind (wrapping principal shooting by the end of 2012). Roles are filling quickly, but we’ve still got a number of characters open and we’re collecting interested parties (crew is all set for the moment).

In fact, we have a very exciting crew announcement! Sarah Wait Zaranek, co-creator of TEN (the trailer) will return to help transform the trailer into the film. Sarah is responsible for the idea of including the pig imagery. She also worked with us on production, preparing and acquiring lots of props, including making all of the blood you see in the trailer. Sarah won’t be reprising her trailer role as person in the pig mask in many scenes, but Sarah will be returning to help write the script, make blood, and all kinds of other wonderful nonsense. She may also have outdone the rest of us in making this fine announcement video featuring baby zombies…or zombie babies?

TEN Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/kickstart10