MAGNETIC Recap: Day 10 DREAMS aka An Ode to Zombie Romance


It’s no secret that we love the work of kristilyn/Zombie Romance! ZR created the artwork for the TEN postcard that turned into the TEN Soundtrack art; we collaborated on The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library Art/Music Exchange and on the first Bring Us Your Women event, and most recently ZR did the artwork for Drab’s EP. Kristilyn has been an absolute joy to work with on all of these projects and Magnetic was no different!


kristilyn instagram: sketches of painting backdrops

MAGNETIC has three dream sequences inspired by Alice in Wonderland that we knew we wanted to be very surreal and ’60s feeling, our main inspiration being Salvadore Dali’s dream sequence in Spellbound. We commissioned kristilyn to be art director on these sequences and she did an amazing job pulling in all of the influences while also working with the imagery of the rest of MAGNETIC.
We shot these in May at Oberon, making ample use of their black space and spotlights!

Dream One: Spider

kristilyn sketch – spider costume
kristilyn sketch – spider dream

kristilyn and Allix Mortis collaborated on materials for the spider costume (kristilyn made the eyes and arms, as well as giant flies for the web!):

kristilyn instagram: spider web

Dream Two: Tea Party

kristilyn sketch tea party


kristilyn sketch of characters for the tea party

kristilyn/Zombie Romance created costumes for a sheep-dog, a sheep, and a wolf:

animal costume sketches by kristilyn


Kelly Davidson Instagram of dream set

We were very lucky to have the help of Tamora Gooding, Rachel Leah Blumenthal, and Amy Macabre (fr L to R)  to play the animal characters! Also on set, we had our head PA, Zach Pidgeon and Dave Green helping out on second camera (in addition to our cinematographer, Kelly Davidson).

Dream Three:

dream 3!

more behind-the-scenes photos by Rachel Leah Blumenthal:

We also shot two kickstarter-reward lip-sync videos on the dream sets – Hybrid Moments as the spider and Robot Cat at the tea party!

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