The cast of TEN – Where are they now? Porcelain Dalya as the coed

Porcelain Dalya

Now that TEN is out in the world, we wanted to check in with our cast and crew to see what they’ve been doing since we finished shooting TEN. Our first interview is with Porcelain Dalya, who played the coed in TEN. Dalya won Best Actress at Terror Con for her performance!

1. Looking back, what was your favorite part about making TEN?

I took part in a freaking movie! It showed me a light in a new world that I’m now addicted to. 🙂

2. What was the most difficult part about making TEN?

The long ass days. That plus going through finals at the same time finishing up school. My hair was also being a pain the whole time. I really hope we get a super fan who is able to find the differences in the hair.

3. Did you expect the movie to turn out like it did?

No! One of my favorite things while filming was asking the crew what they thought the script was about. [Editor’s note: much of the crew had not read the script. Because we were shooting out of order, they had a lot of different incorrect ideas about what happened in the movie during the shoot.] I’m really happy with the positive response. Even the negative response is great, it shows that people had a reaction to the film.

4. What is your favorite scene?

The very beginning scene. I think it’s so beautiful and captivating. Kelly Davidson [Cinematographer] did an amazing job on it.

Porcelain Dalya as the coed

5. What do you think about TEN receiving national distribution?

HOLYYYY CRRRAAAAP!!! Whaaaaat?? It’s so cool! I’m very anxious about opening it up to people outside our loving community, but it’s good!

6. Tell us about what you’ve been doing since we shot TEN back in December 2012.

Well, I survived finals. *phew!* I just recently starred in a short film called Penta where I’m a sex robot. It premiered this past BUFF and people told me I made them cry- which is cool. And I directed my OWN short film (“One“), which SC and MJE helped on (Thank you! <3>
I’m also teaching painting and bump and grind classes at Art Lounge in Arlington, MA!

7. Where can we keep up with what you’re doing?

We’ll have more TEN interviews coming up over the next few days. Until then, you can see TEN!

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