What is it like making a low-budget film? We’ll show you! A Trip to Spektor Island: Behind-the-Scenes of TEN

We are regularly asked what it’s like to be on the set of one of our movies. Well, if that’s the sort of thing you want to know, you’re in luck! We took 60+ hours of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of TEN and butchered it down to a 2-hour tale of suffering and magic…or something! It’s a pretty honest portrayal of the challenges of filmmaking, and it pretty plainly reveals us grappling with the hurdles of getting through our first feature. We had learned a lot by watching these sorts of behind-the-scenes docs and interviews and wanted, for the benefit of other headed down this path, to make something that really shared an honest look at our experience.You can also read our production blog. Available for free streaming on Amazon and YouTube:

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