Weekend Vampire – short film

Weekend Vampire is now available to watch for free on Amazon Prime! If you don’t have a prime membership, you can still watch it for free with ads!

poster1200x1600Weekend Vampire was created by Sophia and Allix Mortis (who you may remember as the star of Magnetic!) for a Women in Film/Harvard Scriptwriters Club competition called Flicks4Chicks. We won two awards at the fest: Best Comedy (as chosen and presented by the Women in Comedy Festival) and Best Costumes!

The film follows a night-in-the-life of an ancient vampire (Stabatha la Thrills) who wakes up in an attic in 2016 and goes party-hopping with a chatty millennial (Sake Toomey).

Additional Fests
Dispatches from the Underground at BUFF
NECAT Film Festival – Oct 23, 2020


Full credits:

Directed, Written, & Produced by Allix Mortis & Sophia Cacciola

Cinematography by Sophia Cacciola

Editing, Sound, Gaffing, & Handheld Camera Operator: Michael J. Epstein

Production Assistant: Zach of the Dead

         Sake Toomey and Stabatha la Thrills


Stabatha la Thrills as Agneska Karnstein

Sake Toomey as Valeria Orlock



Allix Mortis
                      Allix Mortis as Lisa

Zach of the Dead as art intern

Allix Mortis as Lisa & attic voice

Sophia Cacciola as Grüber driver

Ants Conley as Goth band singer

Michael J. Epstein as Goth band drummer


Goth Party
                            Goth Party

Goth Partiers:

Johnny Blazes, Porcelain Dalya, Kevin F. Harrington, Yummy Hearts, Peter Mercury, Alexa D. Murray, Little Musket, Sable, Dahlia Strack, Bleu Velvet

                         Speakeasy audience

Speakeasy Partiers:

Evan Avery, Alice Azu, Johnny Blazes, Ants Conley, Kyle Coston, Chloé Cunha, Porcelain Dalya, Nash DeVille, Alison Duda, Dean ten Eicken, Katrina Galore, Melinda Green, Brendan Higgins, Viva Luscious, Alison Martins, Kristy McGarr, Erica Stockwell-Alpert, Dahlia Strack, Ari Taylor, Jeff Taylor



“Vampires in Love” by STEMS

Written by Ants Conley


“We Will Live Forever” by Night Kisses

Written by Sophia Cacciola



Secret Location, Somerville MA; Location Manager: Sean Bradley


Magnolia Loft, Jamaica Plain, MA; Location Manager: Audrey Harrer

Location paintings by: Elizabeth Slayton


Speakeasy Wardrobe Assistance: Cait Quinn, Porcelain Dalya