The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library featured in BANDED documentary on collaborative songwriting

photos to Petr Metlicka

Some years ago, Berklee PULSE filmed the The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, as we composed our three-part “Faith in Free” and collaborated with BalletRox (and choreographer Jane Allard) to perform it live at the Strand Theatre (Dorchester, Massachusetts).

This feature doc follows our collaborative songwriting/performance journey on this project along with several other bands’ stories of creating new works.

A Berklee PULSE Production
How do musicians come together to create? BANDED is an experimental music documentary that chronicles the creative processes of five Boston bands as they take the spark of an idea and turn it into a reality. To capture the process, cameras followed the musicians as they wrote, reworked, recorded, and performed an original song. Along the way, each band was partnered with a Berklee College of Music faculty member to help hone their skills. The eclectic bands represent a spectrum of genres ranging from world-soul and indie-baroque to americana, psychedelic, and indie rock. BANDED connects music theory to real world musical collaborations, along the way capturing the struggles and successes of what it means to be a musician in today’s creative landscape.


Aloud –
Henry Beguiristain: co-lead vocals, guitars, keys
Will Belew: trumpet
Jen de la Osa: co-lead vocals, guitars, keys
Frank Hegyi: drums, percussion
Charles Murphy: bass, backing vocal
Matt Wan: trombone

Ghost Box Orchestra –
Chris Johnson: guitar
Jeremy Lassetter: vocals, guitar
Dennis Noble: bass
Martin Rex: drums
Nazli Rex: keyboards, percussion, vocals

Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library –
Jane Allard – glockenspiel, melodica, voice
Lisa Battiston – bass
Rachel Leah Blumenthal – flute, voice, oboe, piccolo, hand claps
Sophia Cacciola – drums, voice
Holly Collins – kalimba, voice
Michael J. Epstein – voice, guitar, percussion
Tanya K. Palit – voice, ukulele
Susannah Plaster – viola, voice

Tumbleweed Company –…
Jeff Adamczyk: vocals/piano/mandolin
Will Cafaro: bass
Dana Osterling: vocals/cello
Jayme Tardiff: drums
Derek Toa: guitar
Ryan Toll: vocals, guitar

Zili Misik –
Stephanie Baird: trombone
Kana Dehara: piano, vocals
Lexi Havlin: guitar, vocals
Tina Jacas: flute Joanna Maria: bass
Joy Roster: saxophone
JoBeth Umali: drums, percussion
Kera Washington: vocals, percussion

Berklee College of Music Faculty Mentors

Prince Charles Alexander: Professor, Music Production & Engineering
Linda Chase: Professor, Liberal Arts
Marti Epstein: Professor, Composition
Mark Simos: Associate Professor, Songwriting

Executive Producers
Sharon Lynch & Dan Newsom

Directed by
Audrey Harrer

Produced and Edited by
Jeannie Greeley

Sound Design by
Chris McLaughlin

Production Design by
Audrey Harrer


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