The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library Tour Recap Day 3: The Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH !!! (Neutral Uke Hotel, Golden Bloom)

by Rachel Blumenthal

After a tricky day in NYC with the health inspector, we drove through a little late-April snow in Snow Shoe, PA to make it out to rainy Cleveland and rock a return visit to The Grog Shop (a major player in my previous posts from last year on the bathrooms of the Neutral Uke Hotel tour and genital graffiti in green rooms!). I was excited to see if any new genital drawings had been made in the green room and I must say, I was not disappointed. In addition to the usual male stuff (a new one and some offensive classics: 1, 2), this time, there was a little more sex equality as I experienced the very first female-genital graffito observed on a Neutral Uke Hotel tour. It was a good one too, combining everyone’s favorite comic book/cartoon animal martial artists with female genitals! There was also a somewhat less exciting dog with boobs.

by Rachel Blumenthal

I was delighted to grab a bite at my favorite Cleveland eatery, Tommy’s, where I’ve eaten a surprising number of times given what one might assume is how unlikely it is that I would be in Cleveland. I am a big fan of their Tofutti shake, partly because they walk over and do some crazy dance to get it to fall from the metal to the glass without ever spilling.  They then leave you with half a metal container full of shake, which is designed to guarantee that you make an ass of yourself trying to later shake it into the glass. You will most certainly spill it all over yourself every single time.  This time was no exception!

We also paid a visit to Big Fun, the best toy store in the universe and Sophia and I spent about 10 minutes deciding whether or not to buy a foot-tall classic Cylon figure. We went with a ‘no’ decision and I’ve regretted it ever since. Although we didn’t film or take photos at Big Fun this time, we have a video tour of the store from the DNFMOMD tour last Summer.

We made sure to annoy everyone at the venue by screwing around a whole lot during sound check, switching instruments and making up terrible jams! 

…but we made up for it by making rock faces with ukuleles in the green room…

…and by pretending to poop in the bathroom with the “I’m pooping” sign on it…

The show was a blast and we enjoyed a very responsive and enthusiastic gang with lots of them singing along at the tops of their lungs! We like that!

We played the final encore on the floor amongst the crowd

…and found a stray mustache.

To Eleven reviewed the show and did this interview with Shawn!

We also had the pleasure of being joined by Shivering Timbers!

by Rachel Blumenthal – They are looking for 5 Leepy drivers in Ohio. We don’t know what that means.
by Rachel Blumenthal

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