Subject: My Photo in your blogg = violation of copyright (BUYING MJEML on Vinyl Part 11!)

This is in response to the saga of buying MJEML’s _Volume One_ on vinyl (when it doesn’t exist on vinyl).


From: “Tristan Diesel”
To: Epstein.Michael.J
Subject: My Photo in your blogg = violation of copyright

Dear Mr. Epstein,

I ask you – just once – to remove my PRIVATE picture from your blogg.

Unfortunately there is a copyright on this picture.

Thanks for your immediate attention to this request.

“Tristan Diesel”


As you know, I had suspected all along that Nandha had taken over and possessed “Tristan.” It is now very evident that this has happened. As the image in question ( ) has made “”Tristan”” unhappy, we are replacing it with an artist’s rendition. We don’t want Nandha to harm us! I shed a tear for our loss of the real, happy-go-lucky “Tristan” that we all once knew. WE WILL NOT ALLOW NANDHA TO DESTROY US!!!

Subject: Remove my name from your blogg


I have checked your blogg. The photo that is online is still an adaption of my photo, please delete this completely. Also remove my personal name from your blogg. It still shows up in the google searches.


“Tristan Diesel”


Once again, Nandha has attacked and once again has foiled our plans. As we know that we cannot defeat him, we have changed all names from this one to “Tristan Diesel.” We have also altered the original drawing by adding new features so that no one would recognize “Tristan.” Nandha, you can beat us down, but we will get back up again!!!


UPDATE 11/23

my name has been deleted from your blogg – fine. Nevertheless you must also delete it from your facebook page and any other social media plattforms and delete the edited picture from google picture searches too, so my name is not connected to your blogg anymore. The matter should then be resolved.

“Tristan Diesel”


UPDATE 11/24

Comment one:

As you taking no action to remove the picture from the google searches, from facebook and google + I have flagged you on all plattforms.

Congrats to your “online campaign”.

Comment two:

this link must be deleted permanently from your blog as it leads to the original photo which is linked to my name – I´m serious about all this!

Comment three:

Before I will take legal action against you Mr. Epstein, I will wait for google to reply to my request of deleting the photo from google picture searches. I forgot to mention that you will have to take your posts down from twitter as well.



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