The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library holds a _Swap Meet_ with Golden Bloom – (Also, Project Amylee Part 3)

As sets forth on our (now annual? – see last year’s adventure) East Coast run with Golden Bloom and Neutral Uke Hotel, we present to you a project celebrating the years of collaboration that we’ve had with the fine fellows of Golden Bloom (and Neutral Uke Hotel) with a 4-song split for which The MJEML covers two Golden Bloom songs and Golden Bloom covers two MJEML songs. You’re welcome!

Here’s what Green Light Go has to say about it!

“After touring last year with Golden Bloom, we all had their songs stuck in our heads, so after nights and nights of suffering with those catchy tunes keeping us awake, we set off to ritualistically remove them from our psyches by using the ancient art of recording covers,” says Epstein. “It didn’t work to expunge the pop demons, but we had fun doing it anyway.” 

This is the 2nd cover in a series of covers and various takes on “Amylee!”

Those of you who are older might also remember that awesome time that The Motion Sick did a split 7″ with Golden Bloom…ah, the good old days!

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