Sophia’s Rock Beat: June 2012

Another (really late!) installment of Sophia’s Rock Beat (FB)! If you want me at your show, let me, I’ll do my best.

6/8/12 made it to Radio for Boston Band Crush’s night of INSTRUMENTAL ROCK! The Invisible Rays (I love their projections, and their rocking, of course):

no night of instrumental rock is complete without Axemunkee and the lightbox! (AxeM vid 1, AxeM vid 2, AxeM vid 3). The Trabants surf-rocked us to close (trab vid 1, trab vid 2).

6/15 TT the Bears (for a very awesome show I booked for MJEML!) – Velah (V vid 1, V vid 2, V vid 3), Cask Mouse (CM vid 1, CM vid 2, CM vid 3) and Tallahassee (tse vid 1, tse vid 2, tse vid 3).

Then out to Western MA to the Montague Bookmill (which is such an amazing space for shows!) for the Tiny Radars (a boutique record label) residency! The Novels (TN vid 1, TN vid 2, TN vid 3) and Friends of Yours (FoY vid 1, FoY vid 2, Foy vid 3).

Our last show in June was June 22nd at Precinct – where we caught Eddie Japan (EJ vid 1, EJ vid 2, EJ vid 3), The Rationales (TR vid 1, TR vid 2, TR vid 3) and The Vivs (Viv vid 1, Viv vid 2) – oh and here I am singing with them on their song, Of Course!

other bands seen but not caught on tape this month: Full Body Anchor, i have ears, huxster, The Anchorite

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