Darling Pet Munkee releases _You Better Believe It!_ at the Squidhouse of Horror Halloween extravaganza

We had a wonderful time at the SquidHouse of Horror releasing our 2nd EP, _You Better Believe It!_. There were some incidents including the glitterbombing of Bonesy, but we managed to put the vicious and bright attack behind us!

The EP:

Some audience-sourced videos of Darling Pet Munkee from the night!

Daykamp Music’s Johnny Anguish posted photos! Johnny also took the photos for the cover art of _You Better Believe It!_

Darling Pet Munkee @ Brighton Music Hall 10.31.2012

Darling Pet Munkee released their new EP on Halloween. That seems appropriate, doesn’t it?


Johnny Anguish’s other sets from the night via FlickR: Walter Sickert and the ARmy of BRoken TOys (Daykamp), Moe Pope (Daykamp), and XNY.

More great photos of the whole night by Justin Moore (link missing).

darlingpetmunkee photos on Flickr

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..and it’s not really part of Halloween, but we recently had a special bonus TV cameo on Chronicle. The episode was about Store 54 and describes the range of bands that have performed at the store, calling Darling Pet Munkee, “scuzzy underground rock.” We’ll take it! Full feature on Store 54 at: http://www.wcvb.com/chronicle/Store-54/-/12523032/17435152/-/3qdvkiz/-/index.html

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