MAGNETIC Poster Art by Craig Maher

Final film poster with text – hi-res available on our web site

We’re very excited to share some awesome artwork created for Magnetic by Craig Maher. We had previously worked with Craig on The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library‘s Art-Music Exchange, for which he created an illustration of “Amylee” and we wrote a song about his work, “Brood.”

We thought he would be the perfect artist to help capture some of the retro 60s-80s sci-fi feel we were going for with Magnetic. First, here’s the awesome final piece! It’s a sort of visual collage of film elements with a wonderful semi-realist sort of look.

Illustration © 2014, Craig Maher
You might wonder…how the heck did we arrive at this thing? 
First, we sent Craig a series of reference posters showing the look and feel of what we were going for and asked if he might be interested in this project…here are a few of those (created by, and copyright their respective creators and owners):
Once Craig replied with, “You had me at French He-Man poster,” we knew we had the right guy!

He went right off to work and we went through many iterations of ideas, sketches, and concepts. Here is a sort of visual history of that process! We looked at several possible concepts before honing in on the composition and ideas that ended up in the final artwork: 

And once again, the final art:

Illustration © 2014, Craig Maher

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