Blood of the Tribades Cast Announcement: Seth Chatfield as Grando

We’re very pleased to introduce you to all of our Blood of the Tribades cast (film web site) over the next few weeks. The film is currently raising money for production on Kickstarter.

Blood of the Tribades and the The Blood is the Life documentary about the making of the film are available now on various platforms (streaming free on Amazon Prime).
Seth Chatfield as Grando (production still) 
with Zach Pidgeon as Berwick, Kristofer Jenson as Sava

Seth Chatfield as Grando

About Seth: Seth is an actor with a passion for collaborative art and independent cinema. Past screen credits include two award-winning feature films (“Girlfriend,” 2010, as Jeremy; “Only Daughter,” 2013, as Billy Corbett), short films, web series (“Quiet Desperation”) and numerous music videos. When not acting, he’s writing and performing original folk music with his duo The Chatfield Phoenix, creating sculpture & jewelry, teaching Kundalini Yoga, or relaxing with his wife and two cats in rural NH.

What excites me the most about BotT: Playing a terrible, terrible villain. I’m actually a pretty nice guy in real life, so it’s fun to exercise the polarities within ourselves.

What scares me the most: Lack of social progress and clowns.

Favorite vampire: Max Shrek as Nosferatu. I have only seen the film a few times, but no one possessed a viscerally creepier physicality and visage of the vampire than he. He set the tone. His vampire is not beautiful or seductive. He’s terrifying.

Anything else you’d like to add: The blood is the life!

Where can you find Seth:

You can also find me in a Hug The Dog music video (“Friday Nights”) and a Natalya Sysyn video (“Pity Party”).

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