The Color of Air podcast extensive interview with Sophia and Michael (2nd interview with The Color of Air)

We are very pleased to announce that The Color of Air, a weekly interview podcast hosted by Greg Massi, (Baliset, ex-Kayo Dot, ex-maudlin of the Well), has released a second interview with us (Sophia and Michael), following up our 2014 interview..


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Greg meets up again with Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola to discuss their newest movie project, Blood Of The Tribades, as well as talking about their growth as filmmakers and storytellers over the course of 3 movies. Also, we discuss the state of the arts scene here in Boston and their decision to leave and seek out new adventures in LA.

Songs Played:
Night Kisses – Fantine’s Journey – Blood Of The Tribades OST
Night Kisses – Extinction Level Event – Magnetic OST
Night Kisses – Where There’s One… – Blood Of The Tribades OST
Night Kisses – Amylee (featuring Allix Mortis) – Magnetic OST

This is a Ret Con Recordings production.
Color Of Air Feem Tune written and performed by Greg Massi

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