Sick ‘n’ Wrong 72-Hour Debacle Film challenge, Murderous Space F************s debuts

We signed up to participate in the Sick 'n' Wrong 72-Hour Film Debacle. It was tough to make something in that time, but we managed to find a discarded 1960s hand drawn cartoon to turn in called, "Murderous Space F***********s."

Synopsis: Two murderous aliens, GIF and GIF are sent by the President of the Universe to conquer Earth. After capturing Earth's leader, however, things don't go quite as expected.

We were given the mood, "murderous" and the plot element, "expelling an inordinate amount of effluvia." You can see the premiere of the film free in the Debacle screening part 3 on December 11th at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST.

2020 Debacle: Screening 3 | The Sick 'n' Wrong 72-Hour Film Debacle

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