R.I.P. Michael J. Epstein’s Mustache (1892-2011) and Christoph Krey’s Mustache and Beard (1911-2011)

Photos by Michael Basu – http://michaelbasu.com

There comes a time in every mustache’s life when we must wave goodbye to follicular joy and say hello to the bare, unprotected skin of an upper lip. Although I never wanted to say goodbye to Mustachey, my self-doubt has done me in.

Ryan Schmidt, cool and confident singer-songwriter, is sharing the bill with The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, McAlister Drive, and Endway on 2/26 at The Middle East Downstairs. Ryan predicted that a show with such a great and diverse bill would pack the room for sure. I thought we would do well that night, but I doubted that we’d manage to sell out a 600-person room. Ryan was not only sure that it would happen, he was sure it would happen at least a month in advance. So, we made a little bet. If the show sold out at least one month in advance, Ryan would have the pleasure of shaving off my good friend Mustachey. McAlister Drive‘s Christoph Krey, a man of good spirit, agreed to join in and risk the loss of his trademark mustache and beard to Ryan’s clippers if we achieved as Ryan suggested we might.

Well, much to my surprise (and delight!), it happened! The show sold out more than a month in advance! I was delighted and, well, kind of disappointed to lose Mustachey. I am, however, a man of my word. Ryan, Christoph, and I got together with master photographer Michael Basu to document the process. The result is a very frightened and then a very sad me. I cried a little. I pouted a lot (as captured so masterfully by Mr. Basu). Christoph handled the situation with fewer tears, but still, a heavy heart. Ryan, of course, was singing and dancing the whole time.

I am trying as hard as I can to coax Mustachey back to my face. I am taking hair-growth supplements, special steroids prescribed by Major League Baseball doctors, and grapeseed extract. I hope that Mustachey will return to life, but until then, mourn with me for the loss of our great friend.

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