Buying MJEML vinyl (that doesn’t exist) on Amazon Part 3: Order Has Shipped!!!

The complete combined story has been presented in a single post here

.Background posts:
Part 1: The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s _Volume One_ was for sale on Amazon on vinyl…only problem is, it’s not released on vinyl.  So, I did what any sane person would do and I ordered it.

Part 2: The company I bought it from ordered a copy of _Volume One_ on CD from CDBaby.

Now for the latest news! I have received a shipping confirmation from Amazon. It will be delivered by “priority airmail.”

The questions that arise:
1. Have they ordered the CD from CDBaby and directly shipped it to me via CDBaby? They charged me $28.54 to relay a $12 order from CDBaby if they did this.

2. Are they lying about it having shipped already?

3. It’s pretty clear at this point that they are going to send me a CD, even though I clearly ordered the vinyl. What will happen when I alert them to this? I’ve actually considered e-mailing them saying that I am so excited to receive my vinyl copy because no other retailers, not even CDBaby, carry this album on vinyl, but I haven’t decided to move forward on that yet. What do you think?

Dear Michael Epstein,

inandoutrecords shipped the following item(s) in your order ***************, placed on September 08, 2011.

Delivery Estimate: September 28, 2011 – October 19, 2011
This shipment was sent to:

    Michael Epstein
    Boston, MA 02123-0338
    United States

This shipment will be delivered by Priority Airmail.

You have been charged for the following items shipped today:

Vol. 1
Sold by: inandoutrecords
Condition: new
Quantity: 1
$25.56 each
Item subtotal: $25.56


Item Subtotal                   :  $25.56
Shipping & Handling             :  $2.98
Total                           :  $28.54
Paid by Mastercard:  $28.54

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