Buying MJEML vinyl (that doesn’t exist) on Amazon Part 2: The Plot Thickens!

The complete combined story has been presented in a single post here

.Those of you following along at home know that I found a vinyl version of The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s _Volume One_ for sale on Amazon. The thing is, it’s not released on vinyl.  Here are the details:

Today, the plot thickens a little as I just got this note from CDBaby indicating that I sold a copy of _Volume One_ on CD to INANDOUT RECORDS. Interestingly, I purchased the vinyl version from INANDOUT RECORDS on Amazon!  I already had the suspicion that they were a retailer that just listed every album available at a price much higher than what they could acquire it for and then when someone bought something from them, they placed an order. Looks like that may be true. The tricky part is, I ordered vinyl. They purchased a CD. What will happen next?!?!? We can only wait and see!


Hi Michael!

Just a little note letting you know who bought your music on today.
Break out the champagne!

1CD(s): The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library / “Volume One”

Volume One: 3

1 CD “Volume One” to INANDOUT RECORDS / *****@inandout.***** / AT, AT

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