Blood of the Tribades wins Best New England Film at the Boston Underground Film Festival – 3/27/2016 Brattle Theatre (World Premiere) – Cambridge, MA

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Blood of the Tribades won Best New England Film at the Boston Underground Film Festival!

The film world premiered to a sold-out crowd at The Brattle Theatre on (vampire) Easter as part of the 18th Boston Underground Film Festival.

Dread Central published this statement from Sophia and wrote:

“Shown to a sold-out audience at Cambridge’s historic movie house The Brattle Theatre, Blood of the Tribades is a superbly atmospheric and stylistic nod to, as the film’s website states, “both the sparse, surrealist, weirdo 70s arthouse Euro vampire films and the theatre-derived British Hammer vampire films.”

photo by Izzy Lee of Q&A
cast at after-party with Award
post-screening shot by Derek Kouyoumjian

directors with the award

March 27, 2016

40 Brattle St., Cambridge MA 02138 

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“…the film is a love letter to offbeat lesbian vampire films that offers powerful discourse on self-identity, feminism, and the violence wrought from religious dogma. Immersive, elegantly photographed, and guided by a terrific original score by Night Kisses, Blood of the Tribades urges vampire tradition forward in challenging new directions. (read more)”

Playing with:
Alice Waddington, 12 min.
A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss, but the Devil is not ready to get back to her daily routine.